Frida & Alex ~ preview

June 19, 2012

Frida and Alex couldn’t get the church they wanted and had to get married on the roof of their house.



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wow that view is priceless! Love the milky-way shot to finish, would look amazing as a full page in the album.

Underbara foton Frida :)

Incredible ceremony location, beautiful work as always Jonas!

That’s quite a roof top they’ve got there!!! Jealous! Beautiful images.

Wow, what a “dull” roof! :D Beautiful wedding!

What a simply amazing location for a wedding, I bet it was a real drag photographing that one :-)

Under the sun wedding must memorable experience. Excellent Photography. Especially 3rd one, the shadow of couple on the white dome is just awesome.

What a wonderful location. Great coverage as usual.

Wow that sky looks so clear. Amazing!

Markisimo, those are great already!!

You are so talented. In my search for inspiration I came across your blog and now nothing I see is as good as your work. You are an incredible artist. Thank you for keeping this blog so that we mortals can see a bit of true talent ;-) !!

umm…yeah, bummer about that. Can’t even imagine what the church would have looked like if this was second choice.

Wow what a location !!

Nice work Jonas !


I love viewing your work. Wonderful as always. ~ Cheers

I’m quintessentially English and don’t say things like ‘Shut Up!’ in response to something outrageous, but that last frame of the sky made a ‘SHUT UUUP!’ straight out of my mouth. Ah, maze, zing.

That last photograph of the night sky is stunning. What specs did you use?

Spectacular place to be, the second photograph is too good. Look forward for the entire post.

Is that second to last photo on Tatooine? How’d you manage that?

This puts all traditional weddings to shame!!

I can’t wait to see your pictures either, even if i did get a sneakpreview in the car on the way back – but you don’t need my neverending praise to tell you how amazing these shots are.
Now, let’s plot and scheme our way back there for next summer.

Getting married on a rooftop – major bummer. Love this wedding. Nice work.

You’re a lucky man thats for sure. Looks amazing, great teasers.

psshh, i guess this location will do in a pinch. ha!

serious bummer. and they’re hideous too. gah. how do you always get the most gorgeous people to work with you? beautiful, as always.

WHat a great view, and what perfect photos as always!

Wow, utterly spectacular. And the Lord sure makes beautiful stars. dang.

well that sucks. in all seriousness: amazing!

yep, i feel so sorry that they had to do that. It looked terrible:) and they had to settle to have you as their photographer, what a bummer:) great job as usual mate!

Varje gång jag ser en ögonfrans som ramlat av sådär så att man får önska sig något, önskar jag mig att du ska fota mitt bröllop den dag jag gifter mig. Varje gång. Bilderna ovan bevisar varför.

Bummer indeed. Can’t wait to see the rest sir

Yeah that totally sucks. Poor them.

beautiful preview Jonas. I have extreme rooftop envy.

So beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.

Well the roof of their house is not bad at all!! gorgeous view after all.

Sorry it didnt work out. I feel terrible.

hat last shot is freaking cool 8)

That first shot… Great perspective and framing. Spectacular location.

An alright location ;)

Your photos punch me in the gut everytime – and I mean that in the best way possible! Simply beautiful.

There are worse places to have a wedding.

that’s “at a loss for words” beautiful. Her smile in the second photo made me grin from ear to ear.

Lucky you could get the church you wanted and don´t have to get married on the roof of our house!

sweet! Looks like you are back to using some grain again. :)

wow. i dont have words for these

I’m curios about how the church they wanted looks like, but to be honest, that roof top would be my first choice! That’s amazing!

How beautiful!! Love the picture with the couple under the tree :)

you’re killing me right now JP :)

Waiting for the other photos. Great job …

Um, wow. These are killer dude.

wow, what a tough gig. so so awesome

so good !can’t wait for the rest…….

I like this work. I want more!!!!

WOOT!! Love these, can’t wait to see the rest.

Poor them…sucks having to settle for a view like THAT! ;D

You clearly had difficult situations to deal with but I think you *just about* pulled it off… ;) Loving the smugness, beautiful work!