Shooting castles in the rain

It’s early morning. I’m used to waking up with the sun, so my brain is slightly confused with the fact that it’s still light when I go to bed and wants to wake up with the sun at 3 am. Today I managed to hold off until 6.30am, but now I’m awake, tired but not able to sleep.

We’re staying outside of Stockholm, Sweden at my mother’s house. It’s not the house I grew up in, but I’m still surrounded with so many things familiar. Books, paintings and small things bring me back to my past and every move is a trip down memory lane. As I write this my email inbox chimes and lets me know it’s not happy, not happy at all. I’ll have to attack it today, get back to business.

I’ve just arrived in Sweden after one wedding in Italy and one in Austria the weekend after. You will definitely see more from both those weddings, and the people I met, further down the line.

My goal is to blog more, it really is, but being on the road has made that more difficult. Trying to find some sort of routine is essential. I have a feeling that this bad habit of waking up before everyone else in the house will take care of that.

This is a photo I shot the other day in Deutschlandberg in Austria. You can’t tell, but it had just started raining and I’m standing on a slippery slope to catch this photo of the wedding venue. After I pressed the shutter I lowered my camera and had one of those moments. I looked around me and thought to myself, what an utterly weird job I have. Strange, but fantastic.

I guess that’s what I do now.

Shooting castles in the rain.

It doesn’t make my life feel less surreal, I’ll tell you that.

Burg Deutschlandberg

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  1. After having shot my first wedding, now having about 600 pictures to edit (yes, I already threw away lots…) I realize it’s also a HARD job. Maybe you have it all sussed out by now – what to do, what not to do etc. – but still. HARD work… :)

  2. Wow, this photograph and the castle = absolutely gorgeous! It definitely sounds like you’ve had quite the amazing past few days and I’m so glad you were able to capture this shot and share it with us.

  3. Grymt! Ja har följt din hemsida i snart 2 år och jag älskar dina bilder och din stil, hur du skriver mm mm. Du har möjligtvis inte någon workshop eller liknande i Sverige nu när du är här? Glad midsommar!

  4. The clouds make this one for me, really captivating without being overdone.

  5. Such a beautiful, stunning photo-I cannot wait to see more of your european photos!

  6. “Shooting castles in the rain” would this be the title of your life novel? Great image can’t wait for the rest. You are a great inspiration, thank you.

  7. your words make me feel I am in a fairytale. When I read your blodposts I can relax for a moment while enjoying your calming photography. Thanks for giving me these moments I am longing for so often.

  8. “…I’m still surrounded with so many things familiar. Books, paintings and small things bring me back to my past and every move is a trip down memory lane.” Enjoy… that’s the goods.

    And, that is an incredible image.

  9. Wow! What a fantastic view! Love your work Jonas! /Hälsningar från Skåne ;)


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