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Justin Rutledge – Special (mp3)

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  1. Of course I understand, Petter. Part of my brain is still Swedish, after all. No, the left shot is taken in Noosa here in QLD the other day. The second shot is from South Brisbane.

  2. Hi. cuz this is your aussi blog i’ll leave my comment on english (or atleast something that are ment to look like english).

    First off i sat and thought about the pic’s and wounder about the first one, is it a swedish forest picture? it truly looks like it when it’s all brown, green and damp(?spell? fuktigt på svenska iaf).

    But the true reason i decieded to write a comment is when i started the music by justin rutledge i was sure it was Fred Åkerström, it was so god damn Fred. Even if it was’t Fred im stuned. Beutiful, magical!

    I hope u all understand my crapy english and if you don’t, have a nice day anyway.


  3. neej, det ända jag ser är vattenstämplarna! snygga visserligen, men det känns som om de är meningen att..tillföra bilderna nånting. kan man inte göra dem mindre centrala?


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