November 22, 2010


The oil rigs need both skilled and semi-skilled workers right now! Working offshore can quickly become the job of your dreams with such a lucrative pay and benefit package, added to working only half the year.
Ray Ban Aviators Women

Ah! Fantastic, I would have the time of my life… I want a couple of actors too!

This is priceless. Every bride and groom should have a shot like this! So much fun!!

This is fantastic. Great personality here!

this. is. hilarious.
so lovely.

what an awesome shot! So cheeky!

I rather love this photo Mr Peterson.

Ha, that’s a killer shot… Awesome!

They (or you) just stole my wedding pic idea! I have been waiting for this to happen..haha

Stephanie, I love it!!! can’t wait to see the rest of your photos… it looks like you had a lot of fun.

Hilarious! Looking forward to the full wedding post!

Wow, the expressions on this one are killer – it is gorgeous and ridiculous at the same time!

I just gasped when I opened your web page! Absolutely my favourite photo of yours for the past six months or so. Awesome!

bravo jonaes !! like always!!
toujours dans la nouveauté !!
i’m photographer to !! but if i married i would like you to take my pics !!

Ha! I love this. It’s nice to see people not taking themselves so SERIOUSLY.

They are, Steph, they are. Xx

aren’t actors great?

Nothing better than a couple with a good sense of humor.