Another glorious day

July 23, 2012

Gozo, Malta, Monday 9.13 AM.

I wake up to another sunrise and for a second I don’t know where I am. I look up and the Maltese cross above the window brings it all back to me. I’m here to shoot an elopement, so I won’t give away their names, but I can tell you it’s a beautiful day for a wedding. Malta is a bit windy and stormy today, but I’m sure it won’t matter in the end. From what I hear it rained on my wedding day, but I can’t really remember, I had more important things to focus on. I want to sit down and tell you about my own wedding day, but it’s all still a blur, so I need to get home first to gather my thoughts.

Today I’m getting ready for another glorious day, just like I was getting ready for Therese and Oscar’s wedding day just two days ago on Ekerö outside Stockholm. Sitting on Malta overlooking an old church on a hill it feels almost absurd that I shot a wedding in an apple orchard in Sweden less than 36 hours ago. Today I’m shooting another one in a citadel on an island outside Malta. My little family is sitting on the couch next to me.

Please don’t pinch me, I really don’t want to know whether my life is a dream or not.



Wonderful, truly wonderful :)

I enjoy your commentary on all your posts – you have such a wonderful attitude. Enjoy and don’t wake up from the dream :)

stunning shot, her expression is perfect…

You have such a unique way with words and pictures. Harnessing this powerful combination of talent has brought you to where you are. So no it’s not a dream, it’s bloody well deserved. Enjoy!

Wow Gozo & Malta have such a special place in my heart. I was born in Malta as my parents were living there while my Dad was in the RAF. We now live in Australia. I long to take my girls there one day. Beautiful image!

This is simply gorgeous! Her dress, the flowers, the groom, THAT BARN!! love love!

Love the lighting in this one. great work.

Lovely processing of the colours ~ Really sweet moment

You captured the moment beautifully, awesome work!

dreamy, indeed. Life & that lovely capture. Enjoy the moments. And thanks for sharing.

what a lovely moment! (ps. can’t wait to hear about your big day!)

goodness, i wouldn’t want to know either. and that light is just beautiful. you manage to find the perfect spot where the light is “just so.”

My mate said he had visited family in Gozo and it was totally surrounded by rocks. Obviously he lied.

“please don’t pinch me.” perfectly describes my own life.

beautiful composition and capture there jonas!

It’s an amazing job to shoot weddings for a living- we should all count our blessings!

just beautiful. and SO looking forward to hearing all about your wedding dude!

wonderful… love the light!

this photo is incredible.

We thought we were blessed when we got to shoot a photo journey in Myrtle Beach. Malta? Can only imagine.

Perfect exposure … spying the couple

Can’t wait to see some shoots from your wedding. Congratulations and we’ll see you soon

I’m landing in Gozo on Wednesday to shoot a wedding. See you there?!

Amazing Colours and DOF there! Awesome.

How can I be this happy for someone I have never met? But I still am :)

Oh Jonas, lovely sentiments. *wipes tear from eye*

Your’re living the dream Jonas! :)

glorious light, glorious feeling ¡ i love this intimate moment

Miss you so much! Jag älskar dig!

Just divine – you’re life is a dream – keep living it xxxx

You may safely say that you’re living the dream! Congratulations :)

Magic shot. I love how you have tamed the sunlight and made it work for you. :)

Jonas … that sounds and looks amazing!

Love this image! The angle of view seems quite small – is this shot on the 85 f/1.2L?