He turns four today

November 2, 2010

This is Noah. I love him more than life itself.


sunny boy _) yaaamy_)

Very stylish work. Love the sharpness..

I also remember when this little fellow was born. You touched your blog readers then. And you do it over and over again.
Grattis Noah!

He is adorable! Congratulations! Enjoy every day! They grow up so fast.

he’s awesome! I have a cool little dude at home that just turned 4 last month.

CUTE! Love the pic in the bath- that hair is amazing! (So adorable on the bike too).

Every now and then I stumble across a photo that really makes me just STOP and catch my breath and smile. The one of Noah’s little red head peeking over the bathtub just makes me feel so excited to be starting a family. Precious.

He looks just like you. Happy Birthday, Noah.

I like your blog is very attractive

he’s so cute!!!and very good pictures :)

Helt underbara bilder! Jag blir så berörd av både text och bild, som vanligt. Jag har skrivit det förut, men jag vill skriva igen. Du är min största inspiration! Av alla fotografer jag tittar runt bland för att lära mig och bli inspirerad av så förblir du det. Inte bara för att dina bilder är fantastiska, utan också för att känslan du förmedlar är att det går att ha roligt på jobbet. Att det går att leva av något man älskar. Ser fram emot att fortsätta följa din blogg!

one of your most beautiful, heart-felt posts. Love it.

Happy Birthday!!!! The pics are amazing and full of life!

Grattis till din lille Noah! SJUKT grymma bilder Jonas!

wow…He is gorgeous…beatiful pics!

yep, bath shot my fave too! Happy birthday to Naoh and congrats to mum & dad too

Your personal/family photos are probably my favorite things to see on your website. I love your work, and to see how you interpret everyday events with your family blows me away. You rock… But you should already know that!

we also have a 4 year old! a 6 year old and one on the way:) Being a dad is the best thing on Earth! Your son is amazing and so are the photos. nice job!!!!

happy birthday! what a great boy.
best wishes from germany :)

no question of who his father is :)

If I said these are painfully beautiful images would that make sense?! I love Noah and the toes… :-D

If I said these are painfully beautiful images, would that make sense?! :-D I love Noah and the toes…

He’s gorgeous, Jonas. So cute, and I love his red hair. I have a nearly 5 yr old (and a 3 yr old) and 4 is just the best stage ever (so far…)

He has your eyes and features? He looks like you, a lot.

Love the bath shot! Great hair.

Wow, it’s crazy how time flies. I remember the blog post about the birth of a baby boy that no one of us Fishy-readers had any idea about. It was a completely different life with advertising awards and party stories. And of course, beautiful photography, although not from weddings.

As an early adopter in the Jonas Peterson field, I’m kind of proud of what you’ve accomplished, even though my part has been fairly limited…

You inspire us all. Please keep doing that. And from a redhead to another – Grattis på födelsedagen till fina Noah!

He looks so much like his father :-)

Dotter (snart 6) säger; “Nu är han stor, det är ingen bebis längre”.
De växer fort.

He is adorable! Noah and my son Lucas shares a birthday. L turns 5 today. Hope he gets a great birthday with pressies and cake! Love!!

ÅÅÅH!! Underbara foton! Jag har sett dem förut och jag blir nästan tårögd för jag har ju följt er ett tag. Man ser kärleken i bilderna! Du berörde oss så mycket när du delade med dig.

Omg. 4 years already! Time passes really quickly. I wish him a happy happy birthday! He’s just adorable.

Awesome costume, but the bathtub shot takes the cake. He’s too cute with that red hair. I know you gotta be a proud papa Jonas.

I could cry! What a simply gorgeous little boy – the flock of red hair peeping above the bath top, that beautiful shot of him in the field looking so small and vulnerable – this is the kind of beauty captured on camera that I will never tire of staring at and smiling and feeling that warm glow inside (that makes me feel so utterly blessed to be a parent).
Love to you and your family,
Annabel xXx

The cuteness…. it’s too much…

Happy Birthday to Noah!

Wow – what a beautiful kid and beautiful photos! Congrats to you, mom and dad!

Happy New Year to your sweet boy! My little guy is “free-anna-haff.” Crazy times! LOVE the tub/hair photo. Wow, Jonas.

What a cute kid! These images are so heartwarming.

Happy Birthday Noah! He’s beyond adorable….LOVE his red hair. I hope he has an amazing 4th year :)

Naaaawwwww. Too cute! And omg that red hair! Happy birthday Noah. [he looks just like my 4yo son’s preschool bestie]

happy birthday noah!!! four is a big year! these are wonderful… thanks so much for sharing :)

I love these photos. Cutest little red headed kid! You will definitely be cherishing these pics for a long long time. I’m inspired. Thank you.

Happy Birthday Noah! God bless you!

Oh wow… beautiful pics!!! Happy Bday to the lil guy. :)

He is absolutely gorgeous, Jonas! Too many many more!!!

YES! My nephew was Bumblebee for Halloween this year! Also, I’m jealous of your red headed children. I wish red headed children were in the cards for me, but the genetics just aren’t there.

Congrats on the kiddos birthday.