‘Tis the season to be jolly

The moon joined forces with Jupiter and Venus last night to celebrate the festive season.

Good on them.


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  1. What’s interesting is… People in Asia witnessed a smiley face (above, photographed from Manila, Philippines), while skywatchers in the United States saw a frown. (From NationalGeographic)

  2. I imagined the shot without the palm trees, it wouldn’t have been the great shot it is. Those trees bring the night breeze of Austalian summer straight across.

  3. Personally I hate the Christmas lights, it’s just so tacky! (Sorry if it’s your house…) Though, if all Christmas lights came with that planets & moon smiley face it wouldn’t be all that bad :)

  4. It’s lovely. And I don’t even like this kind of X-mas lighting. Koalas and sailing(!?) santas. But this! All the different colours and, oh, the moon! Look at the moon! Brilliant as always, Jonas!


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