Here I am

Some call it social media, some call it the internet 2.0, some call it the spawn of the devil.

Like it or not, many people have different sites on the internet where they interact with people in one way or another. I thought I’d share some of the places where you can find me.

My Facebook Business Page – Jonas Peterson Photography.

My goal is to be more active on Facebook, I’m going to treat it as a mini blog of sorts, write more and share things that don’t end up on the blog. Follow me there if you’re interested in what’s going on in my life 2012.

My Twitter account.

I use Twitter for more random interactions with whoever. A oneliner here, a shared album review there. Small things, but things I love.


For the last two years I have answered more than 3300 questions about my photography on Formspring. Sometimes I sound a little frustrated in my answers, but that’s usually because I’ve already answered most questions 30 times. Feel free to ask me anything about my photography there, but please keep the simple gear questions to google. I won’t answer basic questions about lenses, aperture and such, but I’m happy to let you in and answer questions about why I do what I do.


I haven’t really pinned much yet, but I’m slowly, slowly starting to use it more, so if you’re a pinner, join me there.


I’m there, I haven’t been very active, but things will change.

I’m also on Instagram, Foursquare and some other places, but I can’t seem to find links to my accounts :)

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  1. Glad to see you on Facebook – a day is always better when your magnificent images pop up in my feed!


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