I loved her first


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  1. what beautiful images you take! “I loved her first” made me cry! It made me miss my father and sums up how I feel about my daughter! Wow, clever! XXXkath

  2. Jonas, you inspire me so much that I did my website similar to yours. When i saw this post, a sudden wave of emotions got into me. And with the audio on the post.. It took my heart away. I can only imagine how much this couple owe you for capturing their honest moments.

  3. I lost my Dad when I was 23 and cannot watch a father/daughter dance without crying. These are the photos that matter and will be cherished the most.

  4. Really beautiful. Feels strange, but I have a 16 month old daughter, and maybe, hopefully, one day that father will be me. Feels like it is a lifetime away, which I guess it is, but time goes by so fast… Great poignant set of frames.

  5. This is why youre the best jonas. Im a 220 pound 28 old man, who just woke up and logged on and im crying already…. the best i tell ya

  6. These incredible fathers posts are killing me. I lost my dad two years ago and I still miss him every day; I wish I had pictures like these to remember him by.

  7. This is such an honest moment. They are so beautiful together. I remember dancing with my dad at my wedding and the way he held me brought me right back to the feeling of the last time he rocked me in his arms as a little girl. Everything else around us disappeared I could feel his happiness and his loss and share that with him for those few minutes that were just ours.

  8. Just had my 8 week old daughter asleep on my chest for 2 hours and I was teary at her beauty, I then saw your post and can’t for a second imagine what a father of the bride must be feeling. I think their hands in the 4th frame sums it up. Beautiful work Jonas.

  9. Absolutely amazing. Father/daughter dance is my favorite moment during a wedding. This is the most starkly honest and accurate I’ve ever seen it shot. Brilliant!

  10. My dad quoted that song in his speach at my wedding. I’m getting all misty eyed thinking about it and and at the same time watching these wonderful photos.

  11. Jonas, this is so good. I always love that part of the wedding. Sometimes wishing to put the camera down and enjoy the moment. Good stuff.

  12. Awww, love these. That was my first dance song with my dad. Always such sweet pictures from that part of the wedding :)


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