Claire & Nick

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  1. I have never seen trees like that, only in fairytale books.
    This is amazing picture! Absolutely captivates your mind. I just can’t stop looking at it. Piece of art.

  2. This is spectacular, stunning, breathtaking and incredibly beautiful in every sense of the word. So much so, words escape me to describe it. This couple was so blessed to have YOU as their photographer. So much vision and art, captured with heart and soul.

  3. WOW!! Det var så länge sen jag var härinne och nu kom jag och såg…denna är helt fantastisk!! Riktigt vacker! Vilka majestätiska träd…och så det vackra paret! Fin symbolism i bilden!

  4. men sluta nu. det här är för bra. du är omänsklig Jonas. vet inte var man gör av känslorna man får av dina bilder?

  5. Jonas, every picture is a masterpiece. You’ve captured simple things in ways I’ve never seen before, and helped me see a side of life I never knew existed. I’m changed because of the beauty of your work.

  6. I love how you’ve vignetted the top. inventive. the shadows on the branches look unreal . It almost looks like EVERY leaf is in focus! Great DOF…


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