{james & rebecca} ~ wedding ~ melbourne

Rebecca and James got married in the tallest residential building in the Southern hemisphere, the 300m Eureka Tower in Melbourne. Little did they know their photographer has a pretty extreme fear of heights. I really don’t know how I made it through the night without throwing up all over the guests, but somehow I kept it together.  When in Melbourne, you have to shoot in some of the hidden laneways you find all around town. So we did. Twas a good day.


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  1. Seriously Jonas I thought you had peaked and then you put these shots up. You make even the simplest of objects worthy of a photo.

  2. Man, loving your work Jonas…
    Just love your style… you gots some classy shots there.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  3. “Little did they know their photographer has a pretty extreme fear of heights.”

    I share your pain! That shot of the older lady at the window – I’d be freaking.

    I wasn’t truly aware of my own fear of height until I decide to propose to my wife to be on top of the Rockefeller Centre in New York – I was on my hands and knees as soon as I got out of the lift – she didn’t know a thing about it, but after I popped the question she did query whether I was meant to drop down on one knee, not crawl around on two LOL

    Loving your work Jonas!

  4. haha… my husband made me take pics of him standing on the glass floor of the CN tower in toronto… me standing, over him lying down… but after the first few seconds i was okay! glad you coped alright with this one :) i think i’m in love with the shot of the back of the bride’s dress in the narrow laneway (is that a laneway?) – fantastic! your brides have the most amazing dresses…

  5. jonas, we sit here smiling and happy and stunned because seriously, you are so talented. your work amazes us and makes us happy to be doing what we do.
    ps. it was nice hearing from you today! :)

  6. Ohh man I feel for you… what a horrible scenario, I’m always worried about getting sick or something similar on a job. Nevertheless, you rocked it as usual. You and t/s = awesomes.

  7. These are stunning, especially the couples portraits!

    I know how you feel about shooting a wedding despite fear – I have a phobia of wasps (and I don’t mean I’m scared, it’s a full-on phobia) and the first wedding I shot was in a marquee – 200 guests, 25 waiting staff, a band, 3 photographers and about 250 wasps! I was so scared, but by imagining that my camera was a shield to protect me, I got through it. Without screaming or freezing on the spot even once. And I even got a few good shots ;-)

  8. Nice! My favourite pic is the one where the couple are dancing. And the bride’s dress is so beautiful.

  9. I have a really bad fear of heights as well! Your a brave man. I honestly could not have done it. I freak out at about 20 feet off the ground! loving the one with bride in the alley with her hands on the walls.

  10. Jonas, they are gorgeous! I really like the pics with the graffiti, really nice contrast to the fancy clothes.

    Another favorite is the one with the women looking out from the roof. We are so tiny in the world :)


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