A fraction of what I saw

As I sit down to edit Elora and Rajiv’s wedding, I almost give up immediately. Not because it was lacking visually. The problem was actually the opposite. There was so much to this moment, the last rays of sun after a glorious day. Slowly we made our way through the rice paddies, the air still rich and humid. Their home in the background. The scents of the earth, Elora’s dress made of Jasmine flowers and the sounds of their families and friends talking quietly just out of frame. There’s no way I can capture that. And it frustrates me. All I can give you is a glimpse, show you a fraction of what I saw, a taste of what we all felt.

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  1. What’s worse then a troll? A grammatically horrible one! I would love to just tear that post apart. I’m not the worlds grammar genius, but I have spell check at least!
    All that aside, I do not know Jonas personally, but I have seen his work and the comments his clients leave for him. If your “friend” had done her homework she’d have known what type of images she would get. just look at this blog, Jonas remains consistent in his work. I’m not even going to get started on the “she paid a lot” spiel we’ve all heard it before. If your friend didn’t like what she received she should have addressed Jonas and maybe he could have worked his magic to create images she would have liked, not have someone troll his page. :(

  2. Amazing! Her dress is without question the most amazing wedding dress ever! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, i love the way you see things.

  3. Amazing! Her dress is without question the most amazing wedding dress ever! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, i love the way you see things.

  4. I agree that Becksy person. I was at wedding where Jonas working and he is not very nice!

    My friend say they love ther photo to everyone, but one day she tell me when alone that she felt she had to say that because they had spend so much munny for them and didn’t want to admit she felt like she waste all of the munny. She say her photo make her sad and she wish she had book a photo guy who had a nicer way.

    Sorry, but that truth.

  5. Becksy, hope you are joking!!! either that or your english is very poor and you are visually impaired!
    I am amazed Jonas is not even more famous!

  6. How is it that you can make what should be such a wonderful day seem so miserable? I’ve never met you, but judging my your photography you seem to be a disconnected and somewhat emotionless person.

    It’s a shame you’re so famous – it’s not warranted!

  7. These are gorgeous. I would dearly love to see more but I understand how you must have felt. I love the few you have decided to share though, they have a really warm and tranquil feeling. Just looking at them I feel like I’m there myself, just perfect!

  8. Such a tease! Thank you. I know it is frustrating, I feel the same way…but please try to show more :)

  9. I love these photos! They share a special warm and lovely feeling of which I can’t describe.

  10. Ahhhh Jonas, this brings tears to my eyes. It reminds me of my fathers childhood home in India and the rice fields. I knew nothing of photography the last time I visited (many years ago) and it breaks my heart that it is no longer the same that it was then. These are truly exquisite and amazing.

  11. Dear Jonas,
    While your words are eloquent and descriptive and in themselves, move the reader to some distant land, it is the images, three beautifully captured images that sweep us from our roost of imaging to the place of experiencing. In your images I can feel an amber light warming the couple, the damp smell of vegetation beneath ones feet , I can almost hear the light rustling of the flowers on her dress. Each of these images, though for you may be the frustration of conveyance, by far moves me to another place and time. And that to me, my friend, simply says, these, are amazing images. Trust your creativity, it is not failing you at all.

  12. Your words perfectly compliment your photos, I get a glimpse of the atmosphere with these two elements combined. Beautiful. And a dress made of jasmine flowers – incredible.


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