Joel & Eliesha

November 10, 2010


oh my gosh i know these guys!! what a sweet surprise! i love your work jonas!!

These might be my favourite of yours yet! So much personality. Nice glasses, too.

I love the last frame. Any chance he sneezed after moved the flowers back away from his face? I probably would have!

hehe I love these – I especially love this last image what a crack up!

Nice work Joel & Liesh can’t wait to see the rest of your photos. :) They should be totally awesome. If not awesomner than awesome.

I love her glasses and her hair thing! And of course I love the photos, but that goes without saying.

These are hot. Always such good symmetry – my left hemisphere is totally diggin’ the symmetry! :)

Like this a lot:) like the brides look, great first image.

Your images have such a real, natural quality to them. The light, the tones, everything – Perfect. Looking forward to seeing more.

Flowers in the face. That’s the next pose we’re going to see everywhere isn’t it? Great looking bride and groom, they look like a lot of fun to work with.

yes for the nerdy glasses! can’t wait to see more!

She is adorable! Can’t wait to see more.

Love them, looking forward to seeing the full wedding!

i love this couple.
post more!

your posts make me happy. always.

can they be my clients too?