{preview} Simon & Sarah

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  1. When these rides first started gteitng announced, I thought they might be a bit boring and might not offer a drastically different experience from B&M’s other looping coasters. Having had a chance to ride The Swarm at Thorpe Park last month, though, I was very pleasantly surprised. The winged seats really do make it a unique experience, and I loved the restraints. They make a huge difference. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to ride Wild Eagle or X-Flight at some point.

  2. done two heart garlands for Valentine’s Day, a set of Valentine’s Day cards, my 2012 album, the gold and cork tin cans and now, a paint-by-numbers inipersd portrait of

  3. The thumb shot is simply one crazy, funny fella mucking about during the shoot. I was a lucky member of the invite list. A superb wedding and as you all can see, amazing photos to capture it.

  4. A sense of humour, a shed, a hills hoist and that beautiful light. A whole lot of Australia wrapped up in one awesome photo series.

  5. The chandelier on the clothesline. Gold. Your idea? Some great captures Jonas, very, very classy…


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