{tom & brea} ~ wedding ~ victor harbor



these images are delightful and you, sir, are brilliant!

Beautiful beautiful wedding- from the silver photo frames, the beautiful couple, the lanterns. You captured it beautifully!

SO good man. You’re up there with the best of ’em.

Freakin amazing… as usual!! :)

These are GREAT! Love them!

Jonas, I am trying to think of a compliment that would suit your work. I can’t find one good enough…But know this: your work moves me, inspires me, blows me away. Well done my man.

Tricia, I think you’ll agree they were worth the wait!Beautiful photographs of a beautiful wedding.

Beautiful work, Jonas. Your stuff just blows me away.

very beautiful!

Lovely work Jonas, love your style!

Thanks for all the lovely comments, people!

No. 20, 22 (with the vail like that, perfect moment), 23 and 30 (both) are my faves of the wedding-thingies, but I’m seriously amazed by your portraying of the reception, in pic 54, 63 and 68 (with the cupcakes). Seems like an awesome wedding (how could it not be, with you photographing it?)

I’d say you’re something of a mobile photographical sniper: constantly working on angles, embracing shadows, studying the targets and shooting the prey when they least expect it. Bloody well done mate.

Lovely work, I love the work done with the tilt shift or the post process tilt shift, the color and tone in the shots before and during the wedding are perfect, they give the photographs a very dreamy feel. Great job photographing this wedding, from beginning to end.

Otroligt, så jävla bra!

Again, I am blown away by your work! I love it when you post a wedding.

Fantastiska bilder. Finns inte ord att beskriva dem. Wow!

Love how the lights look like little hearts in the 6th photo from the bottom.

Gorgeous as always.

Once again, you’ve made a wedding look like the most beautiful art in the world. GORGEOUS images Jonas!

Jonas – these photos are brilliant! you captured the day so well….

Wedding of my dreams, the light, the dress, the happiness. L O V E

Ohh so lovely. There’s such a delicacy about your images which is precious. Great eye indeed.

To the bride: Great dress! I hardly ever like weddingdresses but yours was beautiful!

Your photos are always amazingly brilliant & so simple and real! Great stuff bro!

killa!! you have IT bud. IT i say.


Really nice photos!

Absolutely amazing. I love all of these, there isn’t one that I dislike. LOVE the man getting up from the chair next to the wheel barrow. If and when I make it to Australia, I want to go shooting with you.

You must be pretty boored with all of the “wounderful”, breathtaking” and “amazing”-comments underneath you photos but that what passing thruogh me when I look at them, every time.

I´m just blown away with your talant. How in gods name can you get so many marveolus pictures out of just one day?!?

All images are amazing, I really love the one of the groom leaning on the tree.

These photos are really something.. Looks like a wedding from a fairytale :)

So so good! You got talent

you have captured the mood, i was there i would know. i love the one of Tom and Brea and dancing. Tom the music was perfect.

you have captured the mood, i was there. i love the one of Tom and Brea dancing. Tom the music was perfect.

totally dig the shot of the purple curtain and shadow… great moment found.

Fantastic photos! Can you shoot my wedding too? Just have to get engaged first!

Jonas,I have looked at these photos so often as they are just soooo beautiful! You captured the day as it really was, “filled with love, happiness, emotion and absolute joy’YOU’RE ARE VERY CLEVER GUY! everytime I look at them it’s as though i am reliving the whole day….thank you!

Underbara bilder! Om du passerar Gotland 24/4 10/5 så är du välkommen till Konstmuseet i Visby och Gotlands folkhögskolas fotoutställning.

Det här är sanslöst bra! Så klart du vinner priser när du gör sådana här oemotståndliga bilder! Du är värd varenda medalj!! Grattis

Hi Jonas, what a treat to stroll through your blog today. Just wonderful, the blacks are so rich, the images are emotional, the details are fantastic. Way to go!! Take care, Hoffmann

these are great shots. This is the first time I have been to your blog and it is very nice

jonas i utterly love your simplicity…especially when you utilize negative space. :) always an inspiration…

awesome photos jonas, think your my fav photographer, amazing editing and imaginary images

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Absolutely amazing pictures!

Du lyckas ofta få en “dockhus”-effekt på en del bilder… Något som jag faktiskt aldrig sett förut men som ger en häftig känsla! Här upplever jag det i överblicksbilden i kyrkan och i det svenska bröllopet när det står vid kyrkoporten… Häftigt!

Amazing photos, they truly capture the moment and experience and aren’t dull at all. If you don’t mind it like to use them as examples for what I’d like at my own wedding, I’ve been chatting and blogging on knowyour wedding.info and these photos are fantastic

These night shots are amazing, well balanced lighting!

These are some amazing pics, awesome night shots. great work!

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Great photos, shame he is a Liverpool fan! lol

Jonas, I absolutely love your work, a huge inspiration, thank you for sharing with us!
Simple question here, how were you able to shoot the bride walking in and then a long isle shot? Were you on roller-skates or she was at a standstill for a few?