{john & alice} ~ portraits ~ margaret river

I don’t shoot portraits too often, which is a shame. I love portraits. More time, less stress. So when Jenny’s sister Alice wanted me to shoot some portraits for her and John I happily said yes. I also asked them to bring Alice’s dog and lets just say I was being watched. I always thought I was my own harshest critic, but that was before I met…Pug.

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  1. Awesome series Jonas – love that you’re stepping out of your wedding shoes and still shooting outside the square. Always inspiring to see your blog!

  2. I love the clean processing on these Jonas. I always love the way your editing fits the series of photos so well. Well done.

  3. Stunning, amazing light, great location. I’m not usually a big fan of the “bokeh people” pics, but this one really works – I can imagine it hanging, huge, on a wall. Cute dog too!


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