I’ve just come back from shooting my first Swedish wedding, my body aches and I’m tired and weary. Would I be able to capture a Swedish wedding the same way I do Australian ones? Oh, the pressure. Well, I hope I did. I still haven’t edited any photos, but I had to show you this one.

I can’t even begin to tell you the magic of “kulning”, a local way of singing, but I can tell you the aussies at the wedding were all stunned. I’ve never seen so many semi-drunk people go quiet in a fraction of a second. It was like telling  a Queenslander the bar just ran out of XXXX Gold. I heard some of them talking about it after the reception and they all felt like they had experienced something extraordinary.

And it truly was.

To understand this photo, you should read about kulning here and listen to this example:


You will see more of this wedding soon, but I just felt I had to upload this one as soon as possible. Please view it large for better detail.


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  1. This music was the most extraordinarily beautiful thing I have ever heard! But why it is not possible to listen to it anymore?

  2. Jonas, I think that Kulning sample would be a great soundtrack to the wedding slideshow you inevitably put together. Sounds incredible.

  3. Jonas, thanks for capturing one of the many memorable moments at our wedding, everyone there was speechless. Andy.

  4. Vilken stämning!!! Naturen är ju så ursvensk och jag nästan hör ropen som ekar över sjön. Vill se mer. / Karin

  5. Beautiful! You really capture the magic of the Swedish nature. Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures from the wedding!

  6. I got goosebumps just by reading about kulning. It’s the coolest thing ever. And a great photo, also.

  7. That’s so cool. I am from Sweden and didnt hear this until now, have never listened to is properly before at least. This is very speacial, indeed. Great photo as always! /Jasmin

  8. In the words of a famous wedding photographer – Folk med för mycket talang ska ha stryk.

  9. One of the most beautiful photos ever created. Seriously.
    This photo has it all, compostion, light, colors, feeling…
    It is a story without words.


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