From Sweden with love

I’m flying back to Brisbane tomorrow. It’s been truly awesome being back “home”. For the first time in years I have appreciated the country I left five years ago.

Buh-bye for now, Sweden.

See you next year.


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  1. Yes! I have come to realize this now!:D I have been takin photos more “seriously” for about 6-8 months now and just recently I bought the cheap 50mm from canon (the one you actually suggested in a post). Its fun to learn to work more with aperture. But now I also see that it´s about impossible to shoot with that lens at a low ISO if it´s not almost daylight. When I compare my 17-40 f/4 lens the light is just SOOO much better! Guess I just need to spend a little more than 1200 SEk on a 50mm to get the same quality. Any tips?:P

  2. It has very little to do with the camera here, more the lens and how I chose to expose it. ISO was 200, f/2.8.

  3. So darn beautiful! God I gotta get myself a better camera! Not that its the camera that creates the motive, but still. What ISO-setting did you use here?

  4. Humm, hur ska jag säga det här? Ditt bildspråk är något utöver det vanliga, orden jag får upp när jag tittar på dina bilder känns inte tillräckliga. Helt enkelt sjukt snyggt jobbat! Nästa gång du är i Sverige och behöver en assistent så avbokar jag mina bröllopsfotograferingar ;-)


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