Lauren & Nick. Preview.

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  1. Bounce is now selling on iTunes Your seecrt buddy Nick is a genius and making money. Plus I wouldn’t mind seeing Demi sing on my TV again either.Oh and that last pic has been the background wallpaper of my phone for a couple months now. I like how she is wearing the leaf design of weed

  2. The dancing photograph is fantastic. Love the picture on the hill side too – It looks like something out of a fairy tail…

  3. I love your sharp, crisp, clean images and there’s a touch of delicacy as well. Truly beautiful.

  4. Love the dance shot!!! So much detail, beautiful light and movement!!!! Very envious of your talent and skill :-) can I ask what you shot it on?

  5. Stunning! That last photo looks like something from the French royal court!



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