Leaving Sweden

Last night in Sweden.

Last night with my family for…I don’t know how long.

It’s been better than I expected. Not that I don’t love my family, on the contrary, but I’ve found bliss in a way I didn’t think I would.

On top of that I’ve shot five amazing weddings, one in Italy, one in Austria and three here in Sweden. I also managed to do two packed seminars in Stockholm and Gothenburg and the response has been more than overwhelming. Tomorrow we leave for Bali and another wedding there later this week before we head back to Australia. It will take me a while to process all I have seen and all the people I’ve met. We won’t have any access to internet in Bali, so if you want to reach us, know that  we won’t be able to reply for another eight days or so.

Here are a couple of frames from yesterday.

See you soon.

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  1. Irich photography says:
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    Awesome post
  2. The first image is just beautiful. What a beautiful spot, and lovely composure. I love the exchange of glances in the last shot as well. It looks like the bride has beautiful style too- I love her dress and necklace- gorgeous!

    I’m half Swedish and I have quite a bit of family back there, although I have never been. (My cousins have been though.) I plan to go someday. Hopefully on the next trip out I will! I each of my backpacking trips I have eased my way through the language barriers- first trip, English speaking countries, second trip, countries where I had learned the languages, next time… totally blind! Ahh! :)

  3. So gorgeous.

    The bubble photo is blowing my mind.. I’ve failed trying to capture that before!

    The decaying equipment is such a perfect backdrop! Beautiful.

  4. I honestly think you are one of the only photographers in the world who would have even seen that bubble shot and then had the guts to take it when there’s an obvious moment going on in the background, that’s what keeps me coming back to your work

  5. BEAUTIFUL, Jonas! And so nice to see a Swedish wedding couple. Such different light… a light that never sets… beautiful, different, smoother, much less drama (more difficult to shoot!)… interesting. Thanks for sharing your work.

  6. my jaw has literally dropped… again. i wonder would we be allowed to shoot this on Dowse lagoon? so beautiful. thank you for further inspiring me

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for everything you shared in Gothenburg, I really learned so much, and the most important thing I learned was to believe in my self! Find my own style and above all, trust my gut feeling. It’s more difficult than it sounds, it’s often too easy to “safe”, but as you said “one for you, one for me”!

    So I’ve decided I’m not going to be a photographer who does weddings; I’m a weddingphotographer! :-D

  8. Äntligen slumpades jag in på en blogg med helt underbara bilder. Härlig känsla. Tittar säkert in igen :)

  9. That shot with the bubble made my eyes go all watery on me ’til I couldn’t see the screen anymore. amazing!

  10. Thank you for being so brilliant Jonas. It was absolutely amazing having you for the day and judging from above the photos are pure magic. Can’t wait to see the rest! Have a safe flight to Bali and keep up the great work.

  11. Your find the beauty everywhere! Even an old machine in the forest look awesome, but my favorite of these is the first one. Have a great trip to Bali!


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