Let love rule

I was standing outside the marquee the other night. It was past midnight, but still dusk – or maybe dawn, it’s hard to tell this time of year in Sweden – and I stopped a moment to think about the last month. What a crazy journey it has been. From Chinese tea ceremonies in a Swedish castle to the bride being kidnapped by men in Lederhosen from the reception in Austria. And everywhere this crazy outpour of love, people so in love it’s been impossible not to be swept away with them.

And this day had been no different. Even though Louise and Eric’s was my second Swedish wedding this month, I have yet to shoot an all Swedish wedding. Two years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long btw) I shot Andy and Cecilia’s wedding in Sweden, but as with the ones I’ve done this year, they’ve all been about cultures coming together. It’s been Sweden meets Australia, Italy meets Sweden, Sweden meets China and Sweden meets America. And every time it’s been great parties. No, amazing. I’ve loved seeing the international guests marvel in all things Swedish, drink aquavit and sing drinking songs like drunk pagan vikings. There has been a lot of sharing and caring.

And for me that’s been lovely to see. Through their eyes I’ve come to appreciate a country I left seven years ago.

I said I’d blog more, but instead I have blogged less.

I think it’s because I’m sitting outside, enjoying the Swedish summer nights and all they have to offer.

Spending time with family.

I’ll tell you all about it later.

Here are a few shots from my weddings in Austria, Italy and Sweden the last month.


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  1. Hej Jonas !!!

    Vilka fina bilder du är väldig duktig jag kan känna stämningen i dina kort. Korten får mej att vilja vara där !!

    Det många år sedan vi sågs och jag hoppas du har det gott och att livet är bra för dej, jag har ett fint kort på dej Beppe och jennifer när ni sitter i gräset i Slottskogen, det var eb stund sedan !!
    Kram och lev väl det var väldigt roligt att se din “sida”
    Helen Jennifer o Sarahs mamma Göteborg

  2. Get out! They are all amazing, I’m totally in love with the rainforesty shot, and the shot of the bride. Love.

  3. Stunning again. I would die for some great locations like that, but that’s still not saying I would take great pictures…Damnit…

  4. Your words always sweep me, Jonas. And every time I look at “traditional wedding/engagement photos,” I look at them wearily. You have some original style that I can’t put a finger on. I love your muted colors, the wide angle, the use of the tilt-shift. Your work is so inspiring.

  5. Nice to look at and appreciate half a dozen interesting and pleasing images in a post instead a tonne of average. I like this blog!

  6. Sounds like the right approach to me! I know what you mean about “I’ve come to appreciate a country I left seven years ago.” Before I left Germany I have never appreciated it…now I can’t wait to stop in the first bakery and buy some solid German bread :) Canadian bread is just not the same.


  7. Can you photoshop me into that first frame? Dang that looks like an amazing location. I’m sure the couple won’t mind a third “creeper” silhouette by that barn. Beautiful work.

  8. when looking at your pictures, i’m in constant awe and insane envy. your talent makes me sick. and i mean that in the best BEST way possible :)

  9. Well Jonas, It seems you are a romantic at heart. Such inspiring work. Keep it up…don’t know how you manage it but you do……….

  10. i can’t wait to photograph different cultures and wedding ceremonies! you’re blessed to have the opportunity to do these things. i’m stuck with boring Canadians all the time!

  11. OH MY LIFE I love the shot with the bride by the lake. If that was my wedding photograph I.would.simply.die. (Not before getting it printed onto a giant canvas and showing it to all my friends of course.)

  12. I love it when I’m browsing on your site and I realised you just updated. really love the “porro” ones. Especially the pool one and the misty grey one… that’s beautiful asymmetry right there…


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