{melanie & tom} ~ wedding ~ bali

June 27, 2010


I know this word is completely overused but is much needed here; EPIC wedding Jonas!

This is a wonderful serie! Excellent use of light and composition

I miss BALI. I used to live closely to Bali when I was much younger. THANK YOU for sharing.

wow…jonas, your photos are awesome! i just LOVE the outdoor bath one…insanely beautiful *sigh*

I have no words… it’s one of the most stunning set of photographs I have ever laid eyes on!

really great images – I hope you know how good you have it that your career takes you to places like this! Best of luck with all your travels coming up ~

It was truly a wonderful and beautiful wedding. You could not have planned it more perfectly. The photos capture the full essence and thanks so much for inviting us to share it with.
Lea and David

very nice work. I love it :)

very nice work. I love it :)

what an amazing wedding!!!!
I adore this…beautifuly simple, modern and romantic.

Jonas, this is really amazing. The tones, the colors and the processing is AMAZING. The composition is just fabulous and it really captures the emotion.

great work

I am almost speechless over this series. From the brooding clouds to the reception the whole day seems so perfect. I know usually weddings and brooding clouds don’t mix, but I like this; it feels passionate.

You have this incredible gift. There is this amazing chemistry in your photographs. If I could ever be half as good as you are I would be so very happy. You’re photos are simply just amazing.

You are a true photographer, well done. Simply divine. We are always on the look out for the photographer that stands out from the crowd. If you have any real luxury weddings that you would like to submit to our readers, we would welcome you with both arms.

Take care x


WOW, well done. Pls keep them coming :)

Dang. Beautiful work man.

Wow!! This one is my absolute favorite!!

Wow, congrats man, super photos!

Yes you are the very best! TRIPLE WOW!!! You deserve lots of lurve;)

I was gonna say how brilliant you are and all that, but everybody’s already done it, and too much ass kissing isn’t that cosy…

OK, I can’t help it, you are the friggin Man.

This is just the most stunningly beautiful wedding and photos I’ve seen in a long time. Your best work yet, maybe? So wonderful, Jonas.


Truly stunning pictures Jonas – and an amazing looking wedding.

They must be absolutely thrilled!
And what a fantastic location.

Oh Jonas. you are indeed my one man crush. Lets have breakfast for dinner soon.

helt fantastiska foton!!
klart imponerande och inspirerande!!
// k

Brilliant – love far too many shots to mention. Genuinely first class.

love the couple at the end!!

Älskar när det börjar med det mörka och blåsiga, till det övergår till det varma och fantastiska! Du gjorde det grymt bra, som vanligt!

Fantastic pics! The ones of the guy jumping into the pool is just wonderful.



Absolutely gorgeous. I think Gene Higa should start sweating the destination wedding crown.


And I mean that in a good way.

I simply don’t have the words to describe how amazed I am right now, so I’m just gonna keep repeating the word wow. Wow.

Damn homey. This is the business. The bathtub shots are insane Jonas.

The vertical silhouette is eternal art.

Amazing and inspirational! Great job!

dude, what an awesome wedding, rocking it, feeling it!

Killed it as usual, my friend. That last shot makes me hurt inside… in a good way

Sometimes I worry that it’s going to start sounding insincere because I say it all the time but I have to… these are just amazing Jonas. Absolutely beautiful and tear inducing. Seals the deal I what I was already pretty sure of; you are my favorite wedding photographer of all time.

My hubby and I plan on renewing our vows in 2013. Expect to get a call around the end of next year. :)

Stunning. That’s the only word for them. Oh, and breathtakingly beautiful. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it every time.

What a beautiful wedding. Stunning location. Melanie looks amazing and the whole thing looks like such fun.
You’ve captured the whole thing perfectly Jones and your style shines throughout.

Beautiful story. A magical destination.
Bello reportaje. Un destino mágico.

Wonderfull wedding! And great pictures to show it all.

Your work is just awesome with awesome sauce and a side of awesome. You inspire me in every way possible. Thank you :)

Yeah, this is pretty much amazing!

Nice JP! I gotta say, your style in some of these images looks a bit different to previous weddings – have you found yourself doing anything different to develop & stay on top of your game?

Looking at your work makes me sigh everytime. In a good way :)
Words cannot express how good these photos are.

You’re giving me an art attack.

You &%^$%$ %#%^#$!!! This is…..OMG! I really can’t come up with words to explain how much I love these. I can see the tears in the eyes of the bride when she sees these.

My jaw is on the floor. Unreal.

Simply stunning wedding and photography!

OMG Jonas, pure epicness of the most epictacular. Those ‘words’ should apply to your work.

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity Jonas. This one is insane… be careful up there :)