I’m sitting on my bed at the hotel we’re staying at outside Rome, going through the images from yesterday, trying to pick one or two to blog. Going through them I realise how impossible it is to tell you about the day in an image or two. How impossible it always is.

Here’s Mitra in a field in the Italian countryside, the sun setting perfectly in the background.

What it doesn’t show you is how Mitra two days earlier races through the crowd at Piazza di Spagna in Rome, throws herself around my neck and hugs me like a long lost friend. It doesn’t show you how she welcomes us all, takes us around the city for two days, does her own guided tours around historical sites and the Vatican and shows us secret restaurants and other things wonderful.

And it definitely doesn’t show you how she takes my son Noah’s hand dearly, so much so that Noah still holds it every second he gets a chance and looks at her like a boy in love, it really doesn’t show you that at all.

What it does show you is Mitra in a field in the Italian countryside.

The rest of the story will simply have to wait till another day.

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  2. Helt underbart! Du har träffat Mitra :) Hon är alltid så öppen, snäll och gullig! Dina bilder av hennes och Fabios bröllop blev så fina att de inte kan vara annat än supernöjda! Kul att se!

  3. This post is lovely! And as for the pics.. Well, just as fantastic as all of them. You’re pretty damn amazing at what you do, you know :) I find myself sitting with tears in my eyes out of pure fascination.. Fantastiskt!

  4. if i had to choose between reading your words or seeing your imagery, i would be at a loss to decide.

  5. Jonas,

    You inspire me beyond belief.

    Congratulations on the beauty you hold inside, see in others and share on all your images.

    Thank you

  6. Beautiful photo, beautiful girl and certainly by the sounds of it in more ways than one. Can’t wait to hear more about her.

  7. She is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing – both the images and the story. Yep, I’m pretty stoked with where you’re taking the blog. Thanks for the inspiration. Always. :)

  8. She IS just as beautiful as your image shows, both inside and out. Taking part in her wedding was such an amazing, beautiful experience, and I can’t wait to see it captured by your camera and words.

    It takes someone special to be able to do it justice, and you are just the one to do it, which is obvious from all the other weddings you’ve covered.

    Your work will enable us who were there to remember it better and to return to that magical day again and again, and to share some of that magic with the people who were not able to attend.

    Thank you.

  9. deciding to write more on your blog is amazing. I’m totally even more jealous of your skills now, more than ever. amazing, my friend.

  10. I’m in love with that golden light. I just love your off wedding images that you put into your storytelling of the wedding day. Like the image of the field above. Gorgeous.

  11. your such a great storyteller, either with images or beautiful words. It is always a pleasure stopping by.

  12. Gorgeous photos – but an even better narrative if you ask me! Your writing is right up to par with your photos, huh?! Warmed my heart – the part about your son taking her hand. So sweet. Thanks for sharing!


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