Monday 10.38pm

It’s…I have to look down at my watch…well, that’s not correct either, I haven’t owned a watch in 20 years. I check the time on my computer.

Monday night 10.38pm.

I’m sitting where I usually sit, in front of my computer editing images and designing albums. My family is out for the count. I rule the early mornings and late nights, never disturbed.

Spring is here, we’re going into crazy season and I realize the whole year has been kind of crazy. Things are just going to get more and more crazy in the coming months. On Wednesday I host an open house here at my brand new home studio. Close to 40 people are coming to…I don’t know, see what I’m doing and where I work. The week after that will be a little busier than normal, I’m shooting in Australia on Saturday, then Thailand mid-week before shooting back in Oz again the next weekend.

Life is bananas. Fun and wonderful, but very, very, very hectic.

Here’s one from the weekend. Madeleine and Anthony. Bangalow, NSW. It was a great day.

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  1. Riktigt snyggt motljus! Du har verkligen känsla för att fånga ansiktsuttrycken som verkligen får bilden att säga något!

  2. I saw your work in the latest B.P mag. I’ll confess I usually skim through the articles. I loved and read all of your article. I really appreciate your honesty to your work and the love you have to share what you see. Your clients are very lucky indeed!!!

  3. This is a great shot Jonas, Ive been following your work for a short while but I think this is my first comment of hopefully many. I’m really enjoying working my way through the archives.


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