Greg & Michelle

November 11, 2010


That last photo looks unreal! Wonderful job.

Oh my goodness. The last image is just stunning. The sky and trees and lighting are great.

love the star photo! Fantastic!

The second photo is beautiful and the last photo is amazing. Incredible work Jonas.

The first image is visually striking, beautiful.

Thank you Jonas! Awesome shots and great to have a few so soon.

Amazing, congratulations, very good selection of photos, place looks fantastic, and you Michelle beautiful.

those tones are simply sublime Jonas…

Jonas, that last photo is amazing…..

I love pretty much all your work, but that last photo is just.. wow. Impressed all over again

Oh my stars, everyone loves the stars. Nice stary night photo number 3.

I ♥ the first image and the last one is just incredibly beautiful! For me you are the BEST wedding photographer in da world. FULL STOP! X

Josh, yeah, 30 seconds. Couple lit with flash, the rest by ambient.

Jonas, confess: the last photo was made by 3d, right?

JOnas the tones on the last image are ridic!! Awesome as always!

The last frame hasn’t been seen before. I love.

Pretty rad–is that last photo a real long exposure?

These are very inspirational. Surprisingly, the last one is my favorite – it’s so, so beautiful!

The picture in front of the bed header (is that what those things are called?) is so cool!

The last photo is so unreal. I’ve never seen anything like it!!

Quite a hark back to some of the first images I saw from you JP. Soft and flattering.

perfect. i love these. great work, Jonas!