My boy


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  1. Nice, very nice. I remember way back in 2008 when i found your work on flicker and made you a contact. I also remember deleting contacts who didn’t comment on my stream. I figured if they are not watching then delete they must go.

    I love that innocence we as people have of the not knowing, like little kids i guess the naivety. This i love and want that same candle to keep burning, keeps things honest.

    It’s 2012 and i am fuckin gobsmacked at how far your photography has come.

    I will endeavor to come over and watch sometimes when i have the chance. Also for the reason i don’t want to be influenced and start copying.

    Much respect man, nuff said.

  2. Jag tror du har världens sötaste liten kille! Här ser han lite full i faan ut i blicken… Så gulligt! :)


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