I was home with my son, Noah, a while ago and decided that I wanted to take some photos of him. I sat down on the kitchen floor and picked up my camera.

I shot a couple of frames but Noah was just running around like a maniac. Every time he heard the shutter he laughed louder and louder and after a while it wasn’t a photo session anymore, it was a game. It was absolutely impossible to get him to stand still. I laughed, he laughed and on it went.

I don’t think I managed to get a single sharp image.

Next time I’ll have to tie him to a chair.


love this a LOT.

and im soooo downloading all that music from Elizabeth Mitchell..perfect songs i can sing along with my lil Pixie ;)

Couldn’t stop smiling watching this! He is just like my cheeky chap! :)

LOL.. Det underbara med att fota barn, det blir alltid liv och rörelse. Det blir ju bara mer en skön effekt av att de blir lite oskärpa. Trevlig sång till…

Haha, this sure makes my heart smile :-) And that’s just how kids are, a bit blurry and full of life and joy.

Vem sjunger låten? Söt som få ju :)

Wow! Thank´s U made my day! ;)

Varenda gång tänker jag… undrar vad han säger när han blir femton.

Fantastic music-photo combo!! Who wouldn’t be happy & inspired watching & listening to that! Love the way you put it together.

you’re probably my favourite photographer.

As they say in Swedish Jonas “den där ungen har du fått för dina synders skull” ;)

That little guy is full of mischief, it’s in his eyes :-)

Welcome to my life Jonas, i have two little bundles on energy myself and every photo session turns into a wrestling match lol.

I will have to agree that smart isn’t always good, I loved the life in that presentation, sure I don’t think may of the images would be as strong all alone, but at as a group they are absolutely wonderful! Presentation is what wins awards my man.

There is Father and son love. very real :)

Maybe none of the pictures is sharp, but the pictures are wonderful!So full of life and joy.