A Bloody Mary, please.

So I get to travel a bit. I could use this space to make it all sound glamorous, pretend I’m traveling up front and not in coach. Uphold some sort of facade for you, live the dream, be the fancy pants guy I’m expected to be.

Well, I’m not.

I do get to see a lot of interesting places and that is glamourous enough, but it’s not the fancy pants sorts of lifestyle you all crave, trust me.

I do one thing though. Every time I fly.

I order at Bloody Mary. It doesn’t matter if I fly the local airline or a big international one, I order a Bloody Mary. I’m not much of a drinker, but still I find myself getting one. Quietly I judge my shitty drink and the plastic cup it comes in. I’ve seen everything, the here-you-go-mr-fancy-pants-have-a-friggin-tomato-juice-and-vodka to the really good ones. I don’t really care these days, I’m more interested in the actual process.

I was on a domestic flight in Thailand a couple of years back and ordered the usual.

I was served a lemongrass infused Bloody Mary with fresh chilli. Not only was it the spiciest sucker ever, it was also the tastiest. My mouth went numb and my eyes watered, but all I could do was smile. I had been served the most un-orthodox Bloody Mary ever, but at least it was creative and full of life.

The Bloody Mary litmus test.

It always delivers.

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  1. This game also works well with hotel club sandwiches. Current winner is the Sofitel St James in London. Bloody Mary = Stubbs gospel brunch in Austin TX.

  2. this new merged venture sounds great. that’s the lasting formula, i think…to not separate “personal” from “business”…because anything that ever matters is only from the heart. all else, doggerel. i am looking forward to how 2010 unfolds for you!

    and i love the touch of twinkle lights on the tree. a dollop of festive!

  3. hehehe! I love reading your personal updates, always always bring a smile to my face :) Greetings to you, your wife and Son, from me my Hubby & Daughter, and a rather snowy Gateshead in the UK…
    Annabel x


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