Nick & Surya – the video

Everyone I’ve talked to the last couple of months, have been using the same one word sentences. It usually goes like this:

“Colorado. Man. Speechless.”

I’m pretty sure they’re not just talking about the lovely state, but a little wedding I shot there. However, I can’t take credit for the awesomeness of Nick & Surya’s wedding. I was there and was as amazed as the rest of you. They are the kindest, coolest and most fun-loving people I’ve met and I feel privileged they chose me to document their wedding. I merely pointed my camera at the love that surrounded me.

You’ve all seen mine and Erik’s take on their wedding, so here’s another view. Brian is amazing, there’s no other way to describe him. He shoots film and video and he WILL dance your pants off on the dance floor. I don’t want to call him a videographer or wedding cinematographer. He’s more.

He’s the man.

He’s the Shark Pig.

Surya & Nick from Shark Pig on Vimeo.


wowowow! thanks for sharing! That was awesometastic!

genius. sheer genius. I laughed. I cried. I was mesmerized. I can’t even imagine how their friends and family feel about this.

wow! this is seriously so amazing! thank you for sharing!

Joans has a way with the ladies! No wonder you can get those awesome shots. Haha. ;)

Just teasing, but that was totally amazing.

Very cool, Reminds me of the wonder years!

Dude… Colorado… Awesome. Nice cameo appearance on the dance-floor, too, man.

This makes me smile like crazy. I love Shark Pig!

wow this is good stuff! I might plan an event just to hire jonas & shark pig !!

Shark Pig. My new favourite form of animal hybrid videographer.

He is indeed the man, such amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing! Love the music!

That is one fantastic video!! Love the vibe of this wedding!

what a unique style, absolutly amazing

Great work, it’s like the best stuff about old school home movies mixed with totally current beautiful videography.

on a side note, I remember making a joke about Jonas and groupies in NYC… I didn’t realize it was true!! I caught that bit on the dance floor

Amazing. What a day. I like the five girls hanging off you, Jonas.

awesome to see a different side of things.

Your work is very derivative – The approach is a carbon copy of Samm Blake’s Work. A real disappointment to see it so blatantly copied.

I like Samm and her work, but if you think my work resembles hers, you know little about photography, “Bill”. Thanks for stopping by though.

The music is so perfect for this, great feel overall

I definitely cried watching this. Beautiful

A most interesting edit. Great to see different things :) Great track also!

I wonder if this blog survives to occur so neatly in the network. Good luck, which you wish.

hmmm definately a unique style. There were some aspects I really appriciated. Not sure I could sell it to most of my clients. But if I had the right couple I’d like to step out of the box myself sometime.