Preach it

September 18, 2011


Thanks for the inspiration!

very nice, thx!

awesome. inspiring. thank you Jonas…

Love it. Very inspiring.
“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

I love it, so true. We all need a reminder sometimes about what life is all about. So many thanks Jonas!

Beautiful!!! I’m newly divorced after 25 years. I live this motto every single day!

So true, thanx for sharing this Jonas!

inspirational words. thanks for this.

Thank you. I can’t even explain how inspiring this is.

definitely true. Could do with that on my wall

So true, trying to live like this since one year back.

Saw it year ago here:

Don’t know who is the original author, but it nailed big time..

I printed already and hang it on my wall..thanks alot

Hanging this on the wall right above my computer. Somestimes we need reminders.

great post! Thank you for these words, Jonas.

Excelente, eso y solo eso es la vida.

It’s not that easy and is a very scary concept for many but once you do you don’t look back. From experience.

Awesome! A similar message has been on my mind for months. Great work! Thanks for sharing.

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It’s called the Holstee Manifesto.

Simple and to the point!! :)

I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting and keep up your beautiful work! :)