{preview} david & patricia.

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  1. Great post! I read a lot of business books, but often I find I get the best ioisiratpnn from fiction. I think it stimulates the brain in ways that non-fiction never can. One of my recent favorites was Sophie’s Choice: definitely not wedding/event related, but OH! the stunning word choices, OH! the imagery! I love to read and it’s inspiring to hear that others feel the same way!

  2. As we know very well Wedding has an important role in everyone’s life as is generally comes once in life and there is no place for retake so, everyone wants make it perfect and memorable.

  3. Wow oerhört vacker, känslogivande bild… ! Du borde ha en Dela via twitter etc knapp här.. letade efter en men finner ingen. hehe.

  4. Ya know, I used to think, well, Jonas lives in Australia, and gets to go to exotic places, so of course his imagery will be amazing. But then you go and shoot an hour away from me, and still come up with amazing imagery. Clearly showing it is all about the man behind the camera. Good work.


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