{preview} jocelyn & chris, trash the dress

September 2, 2010


fantastic photos, really beautifully lit.

Pictures are pure magical. Love the last one in particular. Great use of the light, the trees, the emotion, all blends go well.

Wow, beautiful.

The tones are simply fantastic! I also find the texture amazing. The groom’s suit is simply nice

So I keep coming back to this post. I am really digging the light in the two middle portraits. Good stuff dude.

Why does the bride look so pissed off in the first shot? Kinda scary. Yikes!

I’ve been away for 5 days. This was nice to come home to.

Love the warmth!! And theyre pretty snazzy dressers too. Excited to see the whole session.

Dang! My bad, way to use that big ol’ fire ball in the sky then dude ;)

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Always an inspiration! Thanks Jonas.

Her hair is absolutely amazing. Wow.

If OCF refers to Off Camera Flash, you’re wrong. It’s actually OCS – Off Camera Sun.

Wooow. Stunning work. Was that the mighty 50L lens for the first one?

the light in that last one is amazing! nice!

beautimous, my friend. that light + you = pure magic.