two boys

I’ve been thinking about what I want with this blog. Just posting images isn’t really my thing. See, I write too. A lot. Being a writer and all. So from now on I thought I’d write more here too.

As simple as that, really.

We met a lovely couple last night and hopefully they’ll decide to let me shoot their wedding later this year.

Talking about myself in business situations is always a bit strange, I think. I find myself talking about how I do things while another part of my brain wonders who on earth I’m talking about.

There are at least two boys in my head.

One who likes the serious business side of things.

And another one with bruised knees who likes to crawl around in the grass, chase dogs in the back yard, doing raspberries with Noah and singing silly songs  in the car.

I think it’s time we let them both play here.

Oh, and the second guy likes to shoot blurry colourful photos of trains, even though he knows photos should be sharp and crisp.

It’s just a phase he’s going through.


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  1. Just one of your flickr friends from CA – finally clicked through your blog and I love it. The slideshow of your new son’s birth was especially amazing. Keep up the great work – experimental photos are sometimes the best ones, regardless of if they are for you portfolio or not. Hej då! :)

  2. YES!
    Just love your pictures, like thousands of Swedes I`m following your silverfiskenblog but the pictures are more important to me. If you will write more it will just make me happier since I love love the way write. This blog is my choice.

  3. In my opinion the reason for taking sharp photos is that it’s easier to make them beautiful. Making pictures like this one beautiful anyway, that takes more skill. You are someone who’s got enough skill to make it.

  4. A lot of us have 2 boys (or girls… or one of each)… running around in our heads. I am glad you admitted it, now maybe I can too.

    Love your work.


  5. Tycker jag du gör rätt i! Du inspirerar mig mycket med både texter och bilder ska du veta, är själv inne på samma bana, förutom att mina bilder inte är i närheten av så bra som dina, men någonstans ska man väl börja. Du, jag har funderat på dina slideshows… Sitter med windows media sug player och laddar upp på youtube. Hur får du till dina? Misstänker att det är superkomplicerat, men om inte, please let me know:)

    P.s om jag någonsin gifter mig så bokar jag dig. lätt.

  6. Business talk makes me feel awkward as well. I keep feeling like I’m playing a part, except it’s the stage version of myself, or perhaps the infomercial version.

    The colors in that shot are so brilliant, and I love that you tilted your watermark slightly.

  7. Your photos are my inspiration whether they are shot by the playful boy or the business man. If by any chance there is a fun, serious or agitating text to go with them is a bonus.


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