So, I’ve noticed something.

I fly in from Australia, check in to my hotel and then a couple of hours later I meet up with the couple I’ve talked to online for months.

And they thank me.


– Thank you for taking the time to shoot our wedding.

– Thank you for being here.

– We feel so honoured.

And I think.

Thank me?

For the chance to go to cities I’ve never been to.

And hang out with people who like what I do?

You are flying me across the world and you are saying what?




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  1. Great shot, very original composition. The great thing about the job is the lifestyle and when you are in a good place, the images reflect that.

  2. So beautifully written! Photography has to be the most gratifying profession, I love it.
    I’m so glad your couples appreciate the incredible effort you put into every shoot.

  3. God I love that image.

    And I had that exact same experience last week in Spain. It was pretty insane and I kept pinching myself!

  4. It is a weird dynamic, isn’t it? All I know, is that your pictures rock socks… And if I was 50% of one of your booking couples, I would be pretty thankful too.

  5. oh man…this is such a refreshing blog post! there’s so much ego in this wedding biz, but it’s nice to read about a level head who just so happens to take some of the best pics around! always a pleasure seeing an entry from you in my reader! :)


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