{sam & nicola} ~ wedding ~ melbourne

January 25, 2010

I love Melbourne.

Sam and Nicola are in love.

Love is all around.


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Some great photos…. Very different compared to your regular wedding photography ;-)

Interesting photos of wedding.

architectural shot FTW! nice work.

This is truly awesome work. You certainly have a ‘consistent’ style across all ytour pictures and that’s something not that easy to accomplish. I’m a fan :)

It’s official. You are my new photography hero. Really beautiful, well-observed images. They are full of life, Romantic in the proper sense of the word, and cheese-free.

I seriously love the shot through the glass, like an art piece.

Wicked use of location and geometry in this set Jonas. The reflection in the frame and waterfall shots blew my mind.

my goodness, you both look lovely! Congratulations to you both!

I love them all. Was that one behind the water at the museum? It’s beautiful.

Seriously Jonas your work is absolutely some of the best work I’ve ever seen man!! absolutely sensational frames every time.
I 115% agree with Paul you’re definitely in a league of your own when it comes to wedding photography. You’re truly a blessed man!!

Thanks for keeping us inspired!!

Absolutely stunning – the best wedding photos I have ever seen! Sensational.

Your use of negative space makes your pictures absolutely fantastic. You’re definitely in my top 5 all time favorite photographers.

Love the ironing photos :) really cool!
And love the other photos too, of course :)

Wow! The one behind the water at National Gallery is my favorite!

Love it! Such a great story being told through your photos!

Loving the shot behind the glass/water. Looks like a fun bunch :)

Im feeling love right now. awesome.

Ironing boards have been elevated to the evocative!

Fantastic light and texture… great story!

Another fantastic shoot. Very candid and comfortable.

a day captured beautifully. especially the water wall!