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Since I now have decided to blog more, I may as well add a section. I get a lot of questions about photography, gear and post processing. I try and answer most of them, but sometimes I’m just too busy, so I apologize if your question hasn’t been answered. If you have any questions regarding gear, processing, techniques or similar, please post them in the comments. I will try and answer as many as possible in an upcoming post. Ok?


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  1. chrisHey Ginger,I would check out any of the following: the Humphrey’s group, the Yanase group, the Vizuete group. They are all young mdaeirrs and are a great groups. Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.Have a great weekendChris

  2. Dear Jonas,

    I am a student in Boston currently working away to obtain my Bachelors of Science Degree in Photography. I absolutely adore your work. I show everyone I know, including all my teachers. I was just wondering what post processors you use to get those colors along with that film grain type of look.

    They are truly so beautiful.

    Your biggest fan

  3. Hi Jonas,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. I was just wondering without giving all your secrets away. How do you get that old film look over your photographs in post processing. I have studied and just starting out in the business and would love any advice you are willing to part with.
    Cheers. :)

  4. Hi Jonas,
    I have just completed a degree in photography and am blown away by your photography. I would love to know what gear you use and your post processing tecniques. Also how and what flash do you use at wedding receptions. Love love love your work :)

  5. Hi,
    I’ve always loved your work. It’s so sharp and bright and clean. I’ve been a wedding photographer part time for about 5 years and would like to think i’m improving all the time. I like to check out what other people are doing. (your stuff is particularly inspiring). Thanks.

    I was wondering if you had any pointers in how to get my images as sharp and bright as yours ie, post processing techniques, and what cameras and lenses to use?? If you had time you can check out some of my work on my website. ( you will see i’ve got a long way to go) … so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps you could write a book, I’m sure it would be a best seller.


  6. Hi Jonas! You are sooooo gifted! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and vision to us with such sincerity and humbleness. We’re are all very lucky.
    I’m in love with the subtle colours you apply and would be thrilled to learn more about how to achieve such results.
    Looking forward to seeing a movie from you one day!

  7. Hi Jonas! I have been dying to know specifically about your black and white style, I imagine its a post processing technique, but you have a way of muting the black and white photos in a way where nothing is actually truly white, yet some of the blacks are still black and overall the photo still looks amazing, instead of it just looking muddy and dull like when I try to do it :) You most recent posts have been breathtaking. You make every woman look not just pretty – but STUNNING. I hope someday its me!

  8. I think you could tell us everything you do from start to finish and you’d still be better cause you’ve got such a good eye! I’m looking forward to reading your answers though. Good on you, it’s a very selfless thing to do :)

  9. i conquer with wanting to know about your post processing style. your photos are amazing, and keep me coming back to your blog ALL the time. maybe a couple before and afters?

  10. you shoot with a 5D MKII correct? What lenses do you shoot with, and which do you find yourself using the most?

  11. My question is about blogging and the business side of things. Do you do anything special to generate SO much traffic and get so many links to your blog? I realize you have quite the way with words, and your photos are nothing short of phenomenal… but is there any other networking or biznass tips you can share with us that you think have helped you out in this past year? Thanks.

  12. Wow.. you are such an amazing photographer I’ve been secretly stalking for over a year now. I have to know about your post-processing. It blows me away every time.

  13. 1) Do you use rear curtain sync on the 5D II? I can’t seem to figure out how to do this….
    2) Do you move the flash or only the camera to create the light streaks in your party pics?

    You rock.

  14. Hi Jonas,

    Besides the fact that you’re an amazing photographer, I think we love you all the more now because you’re also willing to give us the Jonas photography advice! And as the opportunity rises, here are a few questions I have been dying to ask you:

    We already know that you are the bomb with tilt-shift, but what editing process do you take your photos through afterwards? Just from what I can see (correct me if I’m wrong) you do use photoshop filters in the post processing (which looks awesome, esp. with your use of blur), and there is also some desaturation of bright colours and additional soft grain that I’m debating as to whether it comes before or after – do you actually shoot with a slightly higher ISO, is the grain an actual effect from the gear you use, or do you add it on later?

    Besides that, thanks for all that you do for all us photo-lovers out there, you’ve really revolutionised not only the wedding photography industry, but landscape & portraiture too – keep up the great work :-)

  15. 50 1,2. Is it worth it compared to the 50 1,4? Do you think you could have gotten the same results in the flare photos (nick&mel) with the 1,4? Tell the truth now. :)

    Thanks! You rock!

  16. I’d love some insight into your use of external lighting (if any) and post processing. You seem to use selective blurring quite a bit, and there is also a distinct grain to your pictures that adds a grit and a “real” feel to them. Any insight into that would be awesome. You are a phenomenal photographer. The moments you are able to capture are breathtaking.

  17. I love that you are willing to share your insight. I’d love to know more about your post processing, and more importantly how you and your clients plan their day so they get the best photos and best photo opportunities.

  18. What are your first five “to-dos” when one want to start from scrats. I suppose buying a camera is the first, but which one would you recommend that would last for a while? Secondly, what editing program to start?

    I like photographing, but I do not know anything about it and I just feel confused where to start.


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