It’s 3.34 in the morning and I’m sitting here awake in my bed. Hello, jetlag. It’s great being back. I’m looking forward to all the things I have ahead of me this year and next. My time in Sweden was amazing and at the same time very emotional. I haven’t been back for a long time and taking it all in was a bit overwhelming. Call me a softy, but I’m a very passionate guy. Pathetic even. I think we’re too afraid of being vulnerable these days. Of letting go. Showing what we feel. Well, pathetic actually means “capable of feeling” and how that became something laughable is beyond me.

Let’s be pathetic this year.



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  1. it is about you, dennis… oh wait… sorry… this isn’t that thread :)
    i’m all about the pathos. i can’t wait to see more of your pathetic pictures jonas!!


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