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I’m shooting seven weddings in Bali this year, so in many ways it was weird coming back to shoot at the exact same place where I shot my first Bali wedding last year – Villa Pemutih in Padang Padang. It was my very own version of Groundhog Day. Only a million times better. This day is one I can relive for the rest of my life. Yes, sir. Barry and Sian sure know how to throw a party.

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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to request an offer for taking photographs (and videos in optional) on our wedding day (only for ceremony) on Bali somewhere outdoor on beach end of April, 2011. We would like to ask only digital (big) format on DVD without paper photos what we also can edit. We are waiting for your reply! Pls. let me know if you need any more information for your offer. Thank you very much!

    Best regards,
    Gabor Dorogi

  2. Hey! I shot exact same location in April, you did a much better job.. these are beautiful. Great work sir!

  3. Jag skriver det här allt för sällan (även om du nog får höra det ganska ofta ändå) men du är väldigt duktig på det du gör.
    Jag har följt dig ett tag (alltså din blogg, inte som en stalker) och jag är verkligen imponerad över att du vågade bryta från ditt gamla jobb och börja med ett nytt. Även över att du lyckats så bra med det.
    Får man fråga om du har något favoritobjektiv till din kamera? och är det förresten okej att kommentera i din blogg på svenska?
    Ha det fint.

  4. damn. so, so beautiful – I just want to re-invent how I do everything when I see stuff like this – awesome work, man.

  5. Jonas, is this for real…It’s like a “saga” You have reched a new leavel – con grats.

  6. My name is Jonas and everything I do is amazing! great work brother. LOVE LOVE LOVE that last image.

    ever notice that most of your grooms look like they could play James Bond in the next 007 movie?

  7. Awesome story telling Jonas! Love your fresh perspectives, processing is just brilliant, and so much for not shooting details ;-)

  8. Such a brilliant collection of photos. I’m a newbie and your photos make me want to get better QUICKLY, then it dawns on me that you are actually on another level and i should infact part exchange my gear and be content that i will never be as good as Mr JP.

  9. wow what a beautiful location and of course extraordinary photos to top it off!


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