Something happened last night.

I was at the Powerhouse here in Brisbane shooting the wedding of Bren and Chrissy. It had been a great day, the weather was perfect and everything was on track. I was walking around the room the way I usually do, always on the lookout for something to take photos of. After a while, I get into it. I’m in “the zone”. Not much can disturb me. This night was no different. Everybody was in a good mood and it made my job even easier. I was in the zone alright.

But then he started singing.

Behind a keyboard a man with a very big voice started singing.

And boy did he sing.

I found myself putting my camera down, just watching him, listening to every bit of shade in his voice and how he played. I wasn’t there as a guest, but I couldn’t help myself, this guy sang like I don’t know what. A keen singer myself, I almost wanted to dislike him a little. His control was outstanding. I’d kill for that voice. I later told the groom, Bren, that was some of the best music I have heard at a wedding. And I go to a few, let me assure you.

The man with the voice is Simon Watson.

If you need someone amazing to play at your wedding, check him out here.

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  1. Hey Jonas,

    Thanks very much for your kind words! I’m surprised you didn’t write “a BIG man with a very big voice started singing”… :P

    It was a very enjoyable wedding for me, and I don’t know that I say that often these days. When people dig what I’m doing, it means a lot, and I reckon I play better, too, so having you and the other guests getting into it was awesome for me.

    I wouldn’t have known this blog existed if it weren’t for one of your clients contacting me, so it’s a really cool surprise to be mentioned like that. Thank you!

    Hope to see you at another one sometime!

    Watto :)

  2. He sure can sing! I’m really glad you had a good night Jonas. Everything seemed to come together nicely, and you were great to deal with through the whole process. Can’t wait to see the pics. On our honeymoon in Thailand at the moment, chat to you when we get back.

  3. Oh wow! What a voice! Amazing. I’d sign both you and him up for my wedding in a second (if that ever happens :-))!


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