October 19, 2011


Stunning photographs, as always, I just love the ones by the fireside.

I realy like your style, so amazing photos!

Did you take this picture through a fly screen??

congratulations the photos are beatiful!

Amazing image, I love the old style effect you have put on the photo

This is lovely. Can see this in a fashion magazine..

I heart this. It’s beautiful simply.

i never tire of coming to your site…

Vilken intensitet bruden har!!! Underbart! och underbart fångat:)

Så fint att det nästan blir jobbigt att titta!

The layered depth of the portrait and the expression on her face… wow. It’s beautifully intense.

This portrait is so captivating with the depth and strength of her gaze and the depth of the trees behind her. I also think the lower half of the photograph with the flowers and feet is so soft and sweet. It says a lot about the depth of this person. She is truly beautiful and you did a wonderful job capturing her.

luv the BnW + it’s classic !! great job JP

I would never have thought of bringing a window screen to a shoot!

Great post processing, as always.

This has a great, very timeless feel to it. Love it.

This photo is amazing. It captures Candice’s intensity and beauty perfectly.

Stunning… you have captured CJ perfectly!

Excelent postprocess, i love your low contract BW. Simple ART

This a amazing shot, loving the look of the dress and the expressions!

By the time I get married you’ll either be retired or take 10x as much for covering a wedding. Too bad for me so I’ll better start saving ;) I love your photos!

the moodiness of the image evokes feelings of being lost in annuls of history.

Love this pieces of art. The textures, the b&w, the fog, the dress, the pose… love it.