Södertuna Castle, Sweden, Sunday 2.08am.

July 4, 2011

*unts, unts, unts, unts*


OMG!!! Amazing work all around! The scene in the woods in breathtaking!

These two sure know how to party. HA!

bahah!it’s like past over present. love it.

first thought it was some Swedish expression then when I got it I lol’ed. love it.

Aaah! Bildtexten tillsammans med bilderna blir ett underbart frustskratt! :)

You made me laugh today

Skönt ovärdigt.

okay, okay…AWESOME.

Hahaha brilliant


hahahaha my cousin used to put it, “it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s” :)

Jonas, how about you add a button “like” (facebook) in your posts? It is very simple and would be great!

Läckert ljus. Jag var på Södertuna för några år sedan och åt lunch. Hoppas att du fick smaka på den goda maten.

Those dudes sure know how to party hard!

hahahahahhaa great text! LOL

HAHAHA!!! Vilket gapskratt jag fick nöjet att lägga upp här i min ensmahet framför datorn! Underbart, Jonas.

hahaha, I love it. what party animals.

This needs to be an animated GIF :)

They have so many looks!

Brilliant and hysterical!

Your white balance is off some faces look a bit yellow green ;)

Old folks should also have some fun!

Jonas Peterson – Seeing the exceptional in the everyday.

Really happy to know I’m not the only one walking around events taking random shots. On a lap around the dance floor I got stopped by the way the light was hitting a fern and took a few frames!!!

They’re clearly enjoying themselves :)

Hahahaha! I can imagine you standing in front of those paintings with your camera in hand, snapping away, while a few wedding guests stop dancing to look at you and wonder ‘what the heck is so interesting about that wall?!?”

My favourite party tune.