It’s 8.22pm and I’m done for the night. I’m shooting my first wedding of 2010 in Melbourne on Saturday. Luckily I enjoy flying. Well, the actual flying part doesn’t do much for me, I enjoy all the side dishes; the waiting at the gate, the cab ride to the city I’m going to, the being alone.

The little things.

Traveling solo is highly meditative. I don’t mind talking to people around me, but I do enjoy not having to interact with my fellow travelers, just observing and taking things in. I rarely take any photos, but this year I’ve promised myself to change that. I’ll be doing a couple of laps around the world in 2010 and I feel I want to share more of the things I do between my weddings, the hotel rooms, the airports and the other stuff.

If you think it sounds boring, we’re very different.

It’s not boring and I’m going to prove it to you.


Boring is the new fun, eller som Kings of Convenience album, Quiet is the new Loud.

it sounds anything but boring. i can’t wait.

Håller fullständigt med! Det är otroligt lugnt och meditativt att resa själv. Ser fram emot dina foton!

very good, you should!

Looking forward to be “bored” :-)

Jag älskar detaljer!
Ser fram emot att se de bilderna

I’ve actually never flown anywhere by myself. But I will be, next month. Heading up to NYC, unsupervised. This should be fun, right?

Samma här. Gillar att bara flyta med och observera världen utan att göra så mycket väsen av mig.

I am following your blog; keep up the good work :)! Regards from Norway

I totally agree, the side dishes are a favourite of mine too.

Sharing is something important. And you do it well, Jonas !