The tree

December 1, 2011


Where on earth is this fabulous tree? I NEED to get married there!!

Jonas, you capture the moment – amazing! its the essence of life which so many today miss. You rock

i’m just trying to imagine how you got the people in this shot to be so small and show the entire tree without much distortion. is it a composite of three vertical shots? love it anyway. looks just great

My ultimate Wedding Destination….just have to find the groom

i need to shoot that tree too… :)

Nice shot. And yeah, we don’t get many trees round here that look like that insane example of flora!

That has to be one of the most amazing and beautiful trees I’ve ever seen! I envy you :(

That tree is absolutely stunning! I agree with henry it looks painted!

I love our tree… I think the photos you took of us under the tree for our wedding are my favourites! Absolutely gorgeous!

oh Annette’s comment made me laugh!!!! damn now that’s what you call ‘The Tree’!!!!! awesome find.

no way this is an actual photograph, like a master painting!

yeah! what are you! A Treenius? (tree-finding genius)
I need to sleep.

You always find the most stunning trees…beautiful!!!