April 21, 2011

Awesome achievement. Would love to get my hands on it, but I’m in Europe.

I will need to get my hands on a copy… (if i find the time to get to the store where i usually get it… )

That’s cool! Congratulations Jonas!

This was your best work EVER!

Fantastic Jonas! I love Frankie Magazine.

nice, jonas. the layout compliments your work so well. high five from way over here.

nice! Looks like an awesome magazine.

Ooh .. i love frankie! amazing photos and congrats!

Awesome feature, congratulations!

frankie is my favourite mag… ive never seen them feature a wedding… amazing jonas!

Ha! It’s my favourite magazine too and I bought it today and got such a surprise! I first recognised the shot used on the ‘contents’ page and then saw the whole spread!
Fabulous!Jonas. Just Fabulous!

oops, ^ should be “though” not “thought”

Very well done Jonas. Can’t say I am surprised thought.

i liiiiiiiike. farout, i have never seen a wedding feature in frankie.

Outstanding and so well deserved!

high five yourself big guy :)

yes! so happy for you jonas. no one deserves it more.

Congratulations Jonas!
Gotta be proud of that :)

The media and the tones came out right in Frankie. Looks great Jonas.

Oh this is awesome! and so jealous!! :)

Awesome! One of your photos should have been the cover shot though.

this is the coolest thing ever!