{wedding} ~ adrian & laura ~ sydney

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  2. BEAUTIFUL! I pop in from time to time to have a look at your work and it is simply stunning, puts a smile on my face everytime. Definitely deserving of a pat on the back :)

  3. Amazing work Jonas. There are some total killers in here that are now burnt into my retinas. ‘Specially love the dog with the tongue, trombone, the shots of the two of them in the trees and I think this is your best set of dancing/partying images yet.

  4. I naturally love the whole shoot. The light in your photographs is always so PERFECT, but the dancing shots with all those will-o’- the-wisps lights are just something else. Beautiful.

  5. I love the pictures!!! Not to mention the entire style of the wedding..absolutely beautiful!!!! Love the dress, Love the hair..everything is just perfect!!!!

  6. Jonas, WOW. I follow OnceWed on my RSS Reader and I stumbled upon these this morning and was SO stunned! Amazing! You really captured the day, and it looks like it was one of the most fun weddings ever.

    So happy, so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Expect a post on my blog featuring your work sometime (will send you the link, and credit you of course!). In the meantime, enjoy:

    Namaste and happy holidays!

  7. :: sigh ::

    what makes you incredible is your completely infallible eye for composition, not just in the fancy portraits but in every. photo. you take.

  8. Absolutely love the images from this set. All of them :) Individually, they each tell a story of their one. Combined, its just epic. Awesome work!

  9. so good it almost makes me cry. i’m not in any position to say this is probably your best yet… but i kind of feel like that on a first perusal? light loves you. but this couple is amazing too… so radiant!


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