{wedding} alisha & pete ~ sydney


Song credit: My Only Swerving – El Ten Eleven (iTunes)

This wedding is also featured on Rock n Roll Bride today. Head over there for more details.

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  1. Bra att du skriver med vilken låt du valt! det är alltid kul att veta musiken :)

  2. This is the most stylish couple I have ever seen. Hands down. Great group ‘formals’, and the bride’s dress is ridic awesome. My favorite wedding of yours to date.

  3. Blev nästan tårögd över fotot när killarna står i kyrkan och brudgummen vänder sig om… Det måste ha varit ett fantastiskt bröllop att fota!!
    You did it again!!

  4. your wedding posts always make me tear up. love is such a beautiful thing… and you do a phenomenal job of capturing the expressions and feelings that go along with it.

  5. Such beautiful piece of work…. Amazing session….. I just love the last five photographs, with the message “All You Need Is Love”..
    Great imaginations with awesome presentation…… Good Job.

  6. wow! alltså shit, det här måste vara ditt bästa bröllop hittills. fantastiskt!
    Hoppas att du hinner klappa dig själv på axeln emellanåt och njuta lite.

    fortsatt lycka till!

  7. real horrorshow like. Having a smot at your piccies with my glazzies makes my goober’s spread across my litso from ooko to ooko as I shake my gulliver. Pure radosty…nearly makes me platch sometimes too. Very dobby. Your work is the real veshch. Choodessny!

  8. Really fun wedding it looks like, and I love some of the quirkier shots you got. I am guessing some of these are film too- really curious to know if the close-up of the grooms tie/vest was film- the bokeh is sooooooo creamy dreamy on that one. Lovely coverage as always!

  9. Blir%20s%C3%A5%20grymt%20imponerad%20och%20inspirerad%20varenda%20g%C3%A5ng%20jag%20bes%C3%B6ker%20din%20blogg%2C%20Jonas.%20Riktigt%20schysst!

  10. I’m genuinely curious… was it your idea for the masks or the couple’s? Either way it works but I’m just wondering if I’d be brave enough to suggest it.

  11. So fantastic and as always, such a perfect pairing with the song. I do have a request, though, can you end your beautiful posts with the song details?

  12. It’s amazing to me how you always keep your work fresh and different. You see things so different and beautiful. I’m loving the church shot with the bridesmaids! I totally get happy when I see a new blogpost from you!

  13. Great shots, once again Jonas!!

    I see your taking a lot more images of the details at weddings now? Good to see!! ;)

    Keep up the good work.

  14. I just want to say THANK YOU!! Thank you for being so amazingly good and inspiring! Looking at your work is pure pleasure for the eye, and as a photographer I can say that I have seen a lot of nice work, but yours is just brilliant! it is hard to think that photography and specially wedding photography can get any better .. but yours just gets better and better! well done and again, thank you ;) …x Amanda


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