{wedding} Felicity & Paul ~ Coorabella, NSW


The day before Felicity and Paul’s wedding I drove down to Byron Bay and made my way up to the Hinterland. I always do a recce at every location I shoot and this time I had an address to a place called Coorabella. I found the place and drove down a long and winding driveway. It was close to dusk. I arrived at the property and stepped out of my car. It was eerily quiet, no one was around to greet me. And perhaps that’s  what made me fall in love with Coorabella so much. I can honestly say I have never shot a wedding at a place even remotely close to what Coorabella is. Giovanni, the owner, who normally lives in the house has created something out of a fairytale. Some would say a fairytale written by Tim Burton, eclectic and wonderful. To me it has to be one of the most beautiful venues in Australia.

When I met Felicity the next day, everything made perfect sense. She has a great eye for detail and the quirkiness of Coorabella was perfect for the day she and Paul had planned together with Maria, their wedding planner.

In a sense their wedding felt like a small intimate dinner party with friends.

In another it felt like something completely surreal.

Today’s wedding was also featured on Wedding Chicks. Go there for more details goodness.

Event Design: Maria Birch

Venue: Coorabella

Caterer: Seaweed Cuisine

Coordinator: Maria Birch

Dress Designer: J’Aton

Floral Design: Estelle Montlouis

Groom’s Attire: Harrolds

Jewelry: Canturi

Officiant: Michelle Shannon

Shoe Designer: Cosmopolitan Shoes


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  1. beautiful work as ever Jonas- I just love the shallow DOF effect you’re achieving here- are you using tilt/shift lenses to achieve this look? Wonderful!

  2. I think that the suits are amazing it gives the wedding a southern feel. The brides dress is gorgeous!
    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Wow! This photographer is awesome! Creative! Beautiful moments captured!

  3. Jonas brilliant work. I just love the warm tones you have captured in many of these shots. That pool with the sunset glow was awesome.

  4. wow that freaking pool reflection shot just made me want to retire my camera for good. YOu trying to get on national geographic or something? stop making us regular wedding photographers look bad with your ridiculously good shots. :)

  5. This is very unique and the shots are different from a normal wedding… all i can see is fun! The reception is just like a thanksgiving in a long table very nice…

  6. amazing! Viewing your pictures, I felt like I was sitting in the front row. But better, as you captured what I would not see even as a guest.

  7. If Tim Burton did weddings …….. you’re so right in your introduction. What an amazing event, and of course you’ve created a special record of it. The shot of the bride by the rusted gates is straight out of a high fashion set, and the pool reflection – just outrageous!

  8. absolutely amazing! i would love love love to feature this on hi-fi weddings if you’re interested…and if there is a list available of music that was played. soooo stunning! thanks much, ashley

  9. Jonas, you are an amazing story teller, it freaking blows my mind. You tell it how it should be told, simple and beautiful… awesomey goodness shot after shot.

  10. OMG! Just have to say this. I dont know any of the people on the photos nor the Photagrapher. BUT. You´re good Jonas! And what a wonderful wedding they seemed to have!


  11. What a handsome couple and such a beautiful dress! In love with the font for menu and lots of pretty little details. Nice job :)

  12. A friend of mine was married at Coorabella some years ago. One of the best weddings I’ve EVER been to. I’m so pleased to see your interpretation of the location. Again you’ve mastered the sense of place brilliantly. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  13. Beautiful photos, gorgeous people, amazing place…Does anyone know who sings that song?

  14. WOW…. this is a straight up Tim Burton fantasy land wedding. So unique. Jonas freaking awesome as usual.

  15. I rarely comment but you are insanely good! I feel like I was at that wedding after looking at your photos… great work Jonas!

  16. This is so beautiful Jonas. Your images, this wedding, the people, this place. You capture true emotions and real moments so perfectly. I love looking at your images.

  17. The best collection of wedding images I have seen. An amazing location mixed with excitement and an artists eye makes great story telling.

  18. What an amazing place for a wedding! That shot of the kiss with the tree in the background is sick! What a lovely bride and groom. You captured so many beautiful moments!!

  19. IN-credible. I think the reflective Bride and Groom pool shot will get a lot of plaudits, but I also love the subtle shots like the two of that dinner table with the multi-coloured glass at the top – one taken in the cold light of the morning, the other in the warm glow of the afternoon – really wonderful stuff.

  20. Jaa, vad kan man säga, underbara bilder som vanligt, och vilken natur sen då, varför har vi inget sånt här i Sverige?

  21. I started tearing up… but the pink flamingo kept me in check. I love the tones and colours, so rich.

  22. so good. her dress was gorgeous. I’m always excited to see your sunset images…

    my husband and I are such huge fans of your work. our business is young, but since the beginning we’ve always believed in being there. the whole time. beginning to end, if that’s what she wants. no “4, 6 or 8 hour package”…it was so refreshing/encouraging to stumble upon your work and find that you share that thought.

    I appreciate your honesty…it illuminates your images.

  23. Thumping heart, lump in throat. Unbelievably beautiful. I have always been a seaside girl, but when I lived in Australia I fell in love with the hinterlands and its green hills and grand queenslanders on big properties. These people picked a great place to get married. The song captures the feeling of this wedding so well. No less but perfection.

  24. Maybe the bride is tired of being compared to Angelina, but she looks exactly like her but in a better way:) Love the image when she is leaning to her man and look straight into the camera.

  25. So many treasures. I’m kind of obsessing over the incredible trees there too. Some of the grounds remind me of the movie Melancholia. Stunning photographs.

  26. Wow, Jonas. Wow. these shots are incredible. What a beautiful wedding. I always look forward to your blogposts. They have heart and soul.

  27. that’s it, you’re photographing my wedding. end of story.

    that is when and if i ever get married. i’ll just have a pretend wedding if i don’t. it’ll still be rad.


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