{wedding} ~ Lee & Mon ~ Brisbane

January 26, 2011

When Monique told Lee she wanted a hand made bouquet made of old brooches, Lee said, “I’ll make one for you.”

That, my friends, is a man of my taste.



Great set of photo’s I love the one of the fastening the soe – very lady like!

great work. not had a chance to experiment but for the life of me cant figure out what you do ith flash to get that effect. rear curain sync. but your subject is frozen and the lights have movement

too good JP, good luck with buenos aires hombre!

wow…impressive bouquet!!!!

Vackert, inspirerande och lite galet! Love it!

I can’t stop laughing. you set the bar so high that it always seems impossible to reach. so i just keep laughing:)

Epic, just epic. Love all these shots. Excellent job as always.

dude, one of my favorites from you.

Creative couple, where was the wedding held?

LOVE that venue!
As always, work of art, Jonas – work of art.

And the perfect day to publish this wedding. Seeing it makes me do a happy dance.

‘Ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party’ – bloody brilliant. So are your photos of course. But I don’t have to tell you that! :)

That’s a change JP and enough to keep the haters on their toes. ;)

Not your typical couple but it’s without doubt your kind of wedding…class-saaay & sass-saaay!


High five JP.

holy macaroni. I think that is all that can really be said.

Oh my goodness, they look like SO much fun. Love love love her bouquet… and the bridesmaid photos = fabulous.

The day has been told perfectly. Beautiful.

holy amazing style. bouquet is amazing!!

That second last shot of the bride on her knees is just awesome. So fun and such a lovely couple. More weddings like this, please!

Now THIS is a wedding I would LOVE to go to! Off the chain cool and looks like so much damn fun.

So totally legit. Love these all.

Exceptional Mr Peterson and I LOVE that boquet!

Flight of the Conchords embroidery?! Love it.

Favorite wedding party shot in quite some time and that bouquet is amazing.

out of control, man. looks so clean.