{wedding} ~ salma & ziyaad ~ brisbane


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  1. What a gorgeous wedding, couple, and loved ones. You captured them so well! I’m in love with this wedding…

  2. exceptional images like always. I absolutely love this collection. Very inspirational.

  3. virkelig vakre bilder, jonas…det er en fryd å se tingene du poster.

    er alt digitalt eller brukte du contaxen på noe?

    tenker på å kjøpe e-boken til jonathan, men synes den er litt kostbar til 150 dollar (!). kjipt at jeg ikke fikk med meg at han solgte den for 89 i begynnelsen. oh well…can’t win ’em all! :)

  4. I love the swimming pool shot, it’s so creative, really nice.
    All the other shots are great, particularly love the portrait shots of the bride and groom, very cool.

  5. breathtaking. you almost made me like carnations! lol
    and i just saw that the last comment said breathtaking too. but that’s what is is.

  6. I remember you posted the shot of the bride on the swing a long time ago – I’m so happy we finally got to see the rest of the photos as they are absolutely beautiful. The way you capture the little details in each wedding just kills me! You’re amazing Jonas.

  7. Nuts! Can’t wait to see the pool shot replicated by a million Jonas wannabes. ‘Brother ain’t a Jonas’

  8. This is brilliant. the pool shot- out of this world. the colours, the bridal shots… and that song… dayum Jonas.


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