{tom & brea} ~ album

I thought I’d share an album with you. All my albums are individually designed by me and printed on the highest quality fine art paper on nice thick pages and then hand bound. I highly recommend all my couples to get one, it’s the best way to remember your wedding day. These are just a selection of the spreads in the album.

mcclure_album024mcclure_album002mcclure_album004mcclure_album005mcclure_album008mcclure_album009mcclure_album010mcclure_album011mcclure_album012mcclure_album014mcclure_album015mcclure_album016mcclure_album017mcclure_album018mcclure_album019mcclure_album020mcclure_album022mcclure_album023Oh, all the spreads lay completely flat and are in focus, I’ve just shot them like this to be arty.

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  1. I’ve been on your site the last week every day for hours…
    You give me so much inspiration!

  2. Jonas, you make me want to be a better person – each time i look i go away with so much hope and inspiration, you are a wonder!

  3. i am fifteen,
    and i want a be a picture taker,
    just like you.
    from bella.
    p.s you’re a star.

  4. I like this a lot more than the trendy albums these days that consist of photos with drop shadows and borders overlaying other 20% opacity photos all on black backgrounds. This looks sooo much more elegant and sofisticated. Thank you for sharing

  5. hey jonas, loving your work man. your setting a standard mate – well done for following your heart and producing what you want. good to see that people love it to. Hey – love your albums – care to share who does them for you?? Cheers, Pete.

  6. You even take fantastic photos of your photos! I’m not sure how, but you must be cheating, Jonas. You’re surreal (and I mean that in the best way possible).


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